Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bath Time!

My kids love bath time. Sometimes I think they are fishes. The issue is they like to splash get crazy, have the water go everywhere. I mean they are 5 and 2 so this is all normal(right?). Well the other day while Bubba was at school Boo Boo wanted a bath I thought no problem there wont be as much of a mess to clean up this time. Boy was I wrong! So everything was fine during the bath. When I realized I forgot a towel. So I walked down the hall and Then I hear sounds of water dripping into something. So I rush back to the bathroom to find it completely flooded. I mean tell me in how like maybe 10 seconds a 2 year old was able to empty out about half the water from the bath tub. When I walked in, there was water dripping into the air vents (that was the dripping water I heard) covering the floors. I mean when I walked over to take Boo Boo out of the tub my sank into the bath rug and water rose above my foot. Kind of like a marsh. So I take him out go get more towels and clean the floor and the heater vent out. I even got a little help from the dogs who decided that bath water was more fun to drink then out of their clean water bowl. So what is the moral of the story here? Don't forget to grab a towel during bath time because the minute you turn your back things get crazy, or that boys will be boys and destruction is never far behind them.

Do any of you have bath time stories that would put mine to shame. I am sure there are plenty out there far worse then mine. Leave a comment!

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