Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year and Another New Blog!

I came up with this idea to write a blog. Sounds amazing, original right! OK so maybe not original but defiantly exciting for a stay at home mom of two boys!

I am not one who normally makes new years resolutions. I mean I never even keep them so I have gotten to the point where I don't even make them anymore. But this year is different I made a whole list of them. Just kidding. I didn't make any. I mean I tried to think of things but I didn't want to do the cliches of go to the gym more often(more often for me would be once every three months) or spend more time with my family (I mean I am a stay at home mom so I see them a lot). So my list was looking more like a to- do list. Things like get the boys bunk beds and turn one of their rooms into a play room and paint the fridge in chalkboard paint. I do want to get these things done but I am not sure if they really are classified as an awesome New Years resolutions. While coming up with this list I was like this is stuff I read in blogs and love to see pictures of transformations. Now enter the whole (feel free to enter Gru's voice from Despicable Me here) light bulb scenario going off in my head and here my blog was born.

Do you make any New Years resolutions? Have you made any of them happen yet?

I hope to share some home projects that need to happen this year, some misadventures in crafting that thanks to Pinterest I always think I can do, raising two boys, sharing things I love and whatever else life wants to throw at me.

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